1893 Shave Cream

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The 1893 Shave Cream is a rich, lathering shave cream designed to provide a thick lather that keeps the skin hydrated during shaving, as well as keeping your skin protected & healthy. The cream allows the blade to glide with ease, softens beard hair & stubble, and keeps skin hydrated. Reduces irritation, razor bump & rash and ensures the hairs stay lifted during the shave. With key ingredients - Vegetable Glyerine, Coconut Extract and Vitamin E.

The fragrance is a balance of sweet vanilla & the spicy tones of sandalwood. The perfect blend for a gent to feel calm and relaxed, recreating the feeling of being at the barbershop.

Wet your face, in the area you want to shave. Then, apply the cream to your face. This can be done in one of two ways: 1 - Simply use your finger tips to apply the cream to your face. 2 - Use a shaving brush and hot water to lather the cream. Once applied, simply shave as usual.

1893 Fragrance - created with history in mind. The name, 1893, is inspired by the year the barbering industry was first taken seriously enough to be seen as it’s own industry rather than a trade dentists & surgeons would do on the side. 1893 saw the first ever barber school open, and the name pays homage to that. 

100% Vegan. 100ml glass jar with screw top lid. Ilustrated box.

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 45 X 75 X 75

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