Anti Flea Shampoo

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A natural pH balanced pet shampoo that is brilliantly effective and kind to our pets’ skin and coat.A revolutionary blend of ingredients include Neem Oil, Aloe Vera and Sea Kelp which help nourish the coat and soothe the skin.

Natural products that are used on all breeds of dogs and cats every day and give incredible results. Trusted by groomers, vets and pet owners worldwide, your pets will love you for it!!

An all natural product which doesn't contain parabens, phthlates, phosphates, petrochemicals,  sulphates or PEGs. Using 100% Pure Essential Oils. Skillfully chosen ingredients from four continents that have been selected as the most effective insect repelling botanicals in their country of origin. Combining these together, has created an effective natural Anti Flea Shampoo for dogs. This revolutionary blend of plants and herbs uses ingredients such as Peppermint and Lavender, which work together to help deter fleas, flies, mites and ticks. Follow instructions for dilution rate. 300ml pump dispenser.


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