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Francine Cross Body Bag - Jaffa Orange

SKU 16486

The Jaffa Orange Francine Cross Body Bag is a stylish bag offering security and style. The asymmetrical flap is married with soft leather for a really smooth feel. This is a very comfy bag to wear, super lightweight, with the adjustable crossbody leather straps making it so easy to find the perfect length.

The back of the Francine has a very deep slip pocket  which covers the whole bottom half of the bag, perfect for keys, phone, passport, lippy, all kinds of stuff. The pocket has a quick magdot snap close, ensuring security.

The bag itself is closed with a magdot that is tucked under the fold-over top of the bag, giving brilliant security.

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 340 X 330 X 15

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