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Fruity Mix Bath Tea Bags

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Looking for a unique bathing experience or a gift with a difference? Look no further!  A sealed tea bag containing salts from the Dead Sea, essential oils, a variety of tea with added marigolds, petals or clay. 

Simply drop into a warm bath allowing oils and fragrance to infuse into the water, leaving your skin silky smooth - plus no mess! At the end of the bath take it out and place it on the side of your bath and it will scent your room. You can even try for another bath once the salts have dried out again! 

Each bag weighs approx.18g. Do not eat or drink. 

Fruity Mix contains one each of;

Pink Pepper & Pineapple, Raspberry Cream Tea, Mango & Green Tea, Sweet Amber & Grapefruit Ginseng, Strawberry Cream Tea.

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