King Charles III Coronation Tea

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The King Charles III Coronation collection bears the National flowers from the UK along with oak, a symbol of strength and stability, and Ivy, the symbol of commitment, which trails throughout this intricately hand-drawn design.

Subtle nods to the King’s life are hidden amongst the wildlife and foliage; the eagle, swords, and anchor representing the British Armed Forces, a parachute, pens, and paintbrushes – representing his love and support for the Arts, young people, the countryside and his life-long environmental activism.

Sit back and pour yourself a regal cuppa to mark this historic occasion.

Drum of tea contains: 25 tea bags, 75 grams. Overall weight 122g.
Premium Blend English Breakfast Tea - Ingredients: Black Tea. This supreme blend captures the freshness and delicious taste of Kenya's Great Rift Valley.
Store in cool, dry conditions, out of direct sunlight.

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