Melody Sangria Shoulder Bag

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The ultimate grab and go bag! Melody is the perfect combination of neat size, security, easy access, comfortable and lightweight. The two outside walls of Melody provide deep zipper pockets leaving a generous internal space that quickly closes with a magdot. These fastening options are the best blend of first-class security but also the possibility of a quick grab and run, depending on your circumstances and needs.

Melody has a strong but very tactile shoulder strap, made from luxurious matching leather covering a saddlery leather core, this finish offers a rounded reassuring feel. The shoulder strap is long enough to just fit neatly over a winter coat. The size is ideal, neat, but big enough for most everyday needs - sadly no capacity for the week's groceries, but we shouldn't be stuffing all that on our shoulders anyway!

Supplied with it's own fabric care pouch for looking after your nicest bag.

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 210 X 250 X 110

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