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The Secret Wonder Oil Bottle

SKU 17057

When your skin looks good, you look and feel even better. It's time to let your skin breathe and celebrate natural beauty - now thanks to The Secret Wonder Oil this isn't such a scary prospect!

100% natural and high quality ingredients make the oil perfect for even the most sensitive of skin. This oil helps repair damaged cells, combat dryness, banish wrinkles and promote radiance. Whether it's delicately applied to the face and decolletage, or used in specific areas of your body, it's a must have multi-purpose product.

Wonder Oil is suitable for all skin types. With a sophisticated floral scent, this oil is a true natural wonder which boosts the skin's natural moisture barrier to leave it feeling super soft. Packaged in a quirky vintage glass bottle, it's a dressing table hero too.

Ethically sourced and chemical free,50ml glass bottle with dropper dispenser.

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 95 X 35 X 35

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