The Secret Wonder Oil Roller Ball

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Get a glow on-the-go. A purse friendly Wonder Oil with a handy rollerball to target dry skin patches and maximise radiance on the go. Brimming with the goodness of seven nourishing plant oils, the quirky travel sized glass bottle has vintage glamour, and fits perfectly into any handbag or make-up bag.

Blending 100% natural ingredients carefully chosen for their nourishing properties. Ideal for refreshing the under eye area and minimising the appearance of wrinkles, the clever little rollerball also stimulates circulation with it's gentle massage effect. Wonder Oil which includes healing Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil and Vitamin E, is also effective for soothing stretch marks, scarring and irritable skin conditions.

Ethically sourced and chemical free, Wonder Oil is suitable for alll skin types. With a sophisticated floral scent this oil is a true natural wonder which boosts skin's natural moisture barrier to leave skin super soft. 10ml glass rollerball.

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 86 X 20 X 20

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