Artisan Iroko Leather Apron

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Cut from very natural waxy leather, the Artisan Apron has a ragged cut style that includes skin markings and characteristics, this means every piece is individual and has a true ring of authenticity. The apron will become more aged and distressed with time and wear, adding to its beauty and uniqueness.

One size, with adjustable neck straps and very long waist straps that can be cut to length. Often seen worn by craftspeople, gardeners, restauranteurs anybody who is creative and appreciates the beautiful tactile things in life.

The waxy cowhide leather becomes more and more beautiful with age.

Waxy leathers are by their nature very naked and any protection applied to the skin is in the form of a waxy dubbing, this finish will undoubtedly allow the skin to improve with age, but as with everything it has to go through an ageing process when you first receive an apron cut from waxy leather, it may "mark" quite easily, this is isn't permanent, but the heavy wax is being scratched "thru" very quickly this will level out and the skin break in and start absorbing the oils and influences from you and it's surroundings. 

Dimensions: H x W (mm): 720 X 650

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