Bedtime Biscuits Refill Box

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A generous box of biscuits for a healthy and nutritious bedtime treat for your dog. From a recipe crafted by Michel Roux, these Bedtime Biscuits contain Flaxseed, Camomile and Pumpkin seed (an effective source of tryptophan, encouraging the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin). These ingredients combined  with the flavours and health-giving properties of Cranberries, Seaweed, Probiotics, Spinach and Green Tea extract create biscuits that are not only delicious, but also very nutritious.


Made using only the highest quality natural ingredients. No added artificial colourants or added artificial preservatives. Formulated without wheat and wheat gluten. Added probiotic to aid in the establishment, maintenance and restoration of a balanced gut flora in dogs. 250g. Handy tin available. 

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 150 X 115 X 115

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