Service Reviews

Miss Charlotte Keo


Service was fantastic. Really appreciate the wonderful care that went into the packaging. Thank you very much!

Mr James Wendt


Delivery was fast - and properly wrapped to survive - no small feat for two teapots! Thank you for your service!

Mrs Trudi Kalytta


Everything worked out perfectly with the wrapping, message and friendly service at click&collect.

Mr Clive Humphreys


Excellent service with a smile

Mrs Ann Hall


Excellent service, easy ordering online, packaging perfect and swift delivery. Loved the free gift too.

Réka Farantai


More than perfect and wonderful!

Mr George Penman-Hayes


Fantastic service, I was contacted by phone to let me know there was not enough stock to fulfil the order, fortunately it was not a problem as I was not in a hurry and more paper was ordered in to complete the order, this was dispatched very quickly. Wrapping paper sheets were beautifully packaged and protected in a cardboard tube. Thank you so much for such good personal service which is rare now.

Ms Debra Andrews


Your service was spot on!

Joan Herrington


Outstanding, The teapot arrived promptly in a securely packed box.

Caroline Beardwood