1893 Shave Oil

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A thick pre & post shave oil, with strong soothing and nourishing properties, which enables better blade glide.

This formula is designed to soften the beard before shaving, keep the skin moisturised and nourished during & post shaving, and provide natural antiseptic properties to reduce and nice, bumps or razor burns. Key ingredients include Caster Oil, Avocado Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Vitamin E.

The 1893 fragrance is a balance of sweet vanilla & the spicy tones of sandalwood. The perfect blend for a gent to feel calm and relaxed, recreating the feeling of being at the barbershop.

100% Vegan. 30ml bottle with dropper.

Use alongside 1893 shave cream for the best shave.

Dimensions: H x W x D (mm): 115 X 33 X 33

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