Hobbyist Steel Grey Leather Apron Brown

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Hobbyist is a very business-like apron, ideal for gardening, hospitality, retail or workshop use, the leather is robust and wipe clean, offering a high protection specification. The Hobbyist apron offers multiple pockets. The chest pocket features a Velcro close, perfect for securing your keys/phone. One size fits all, this apron has an adjustable waist and neck straps with a key clasp and twine hole included in the front pockets.

The skin used for these aprons is a select leather that is chosen specifically for its robustness and suitability for purpose. Upholstery leather is far more tough and robust than other leathers. With far more surface finish and protection included in the tanning process, thereby ensuring that "life" doesn't scuff, snag or rip it. This also means it feels tougher and less tactile than handbag leathers, rest assured it will break down and soften up with wear, but initially, it will have a far more businesslike feel, 

Easily wiped clean it comes with all of the necessary fire retardancy requirements.

Dimensions: H x W (mm): 770 X 520

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