Love Today & Forever Tile

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The words : 'Love today and forever'. run up and down each side of this tile .

In central Europe, richly decorated cookies were traditionally given as love tokens. The cake mixture – often gingerbread – was pressed into a wooden mould and the resulting biscuit or cake was baked and sometimes iced before being presented to your loved one.

This wall hanging is based on a 19th century wooden gingerbread mould from Slovakia, formally part of Czechoslovakia. It shows a sweet young couple arm in arm and dressed in their Sunday best – or possibly their wedding finery. 

This tile is often chosen as a present for a special wedding anniversary. Depicting such a happy couple! It also makes a humorous wedding gift which will last over the years to come.

Suitable for use outdoors. Fixing Points: the two holes in the top corners of the tile.

Dimensions: H x W (mm): 98 X 95

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